Series RUNS june 25 through July 2

From Pastor Todd:
Sometimes I need someone to remind me about:
  • the goodness of God and the sinfulness of people,
  • my weaknesses and God’s strengths,
  • why I need God & why God desires me,
  • all that God has promised & all that I have squandered, and – that God still loves me!
It’s a letter for our time and for all times!

God is – FOR us…IN us…AROUND us and ABOVE us!
He is the head of all things, supreme over everything. He is the first and the last – the beginning and the end – nothing existed before him and nothing matters without Him. He is everything in heaven and on earth. So, in July, let’s get reaquainted with the Father, the Son, & Spirit and all they do – have done – and will continue to do for you and me! So…YES…JESUS IS!